C. P. Siebenhuener

Author C.P. Siebenhuener lives with her husband and two children in New York.

 "Helping children overcome their fears, feel comfortable in social situations and attain self-confidence is essential for their growth and success in life!"

C.P. Siebenhuener  


I was inspired to write "But What If I Don't Understand?" when my daughter came home from school one afternoon upset because she did not do well on a test.  Seeing how upset she was, I calmly asked her to explain what happened.  She eventually admitted to not always understanding what was being taught in school and was afraid to ask for help out of  embarrasment and her belief that her teachers would be "angry" with her.

I saw this as an opportunity to explain to her that we all have moments when we don't understand one thing or another, and the only way we can truly understand something is by asking questions and not being afraid to seek help from teachers and/or family members.

In today's world, so much is expected of our young children.  They are learning things at a much faster pace.  For some this is not a problem,  but for others it is a major stumbling block. Peer pressure and bullying may also contribute to children remaining silent in the classroom, resulting in their struggling through classwork, homework and exams.

"But What if I Don't Understand?" is easy to read, is filled with full-page color illustrations and, most importantly, is a story that teaches a valuable lesson. Appropriate for all ages.


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